Surgical Preference Cards


Physician Preference Cards

By:  Jason Harris, MD, CEO Published: March 3, 2019 Throughout medical and surgical history, healers, practitioners, and surgeons have a

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ORLINK Technology Mission

The impact of new technologies on business and society has never been more profound. Today every company, by necessity, is becoming a technology comp

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Staff Communication in the OR

By:  Jason Harris, MD, CEO Published: February 2, 2019 “Communication failures are a well characterized source of errors in the operat

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Waste in the OR

Trash with surgery disposable objects There are stark and ever-apparent inefficiencies in the operating room which are evident to anyone who has w

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SAYJ Global Partners Announces ORLink $1M in Early Stage Capital

SAN FRANCISCO, CA.-- SAYJ Global Partners, providing strategic guidance for companies scaling in the global arena, announced that ORLink, a Kentucky

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Individuality Vs. Conformity

OR Link. It pays to think differently. Stand out from the crowd What a great concept!  When is it good to stand out and when is it best to

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