Surgical Preference Cards


The impact of new technologies on business and society has never been more profound. Today every company, by necessity, is becoming a technology company. 

At ORLINK our mission is to dig into, debate and really try to understand these new technologies; how they affect our company as well as their potential impact on the quality of healthcare.

Our technology mission is to provide context and solutions around these rapid and constant changes. And to provide insights for hospitals and surgical teams to help improve patient outcomes and the bottom line.

Instead of fearing change, we can leverage it to succeed as individuals and businesses in a world in which the technology-driven pace of change is accelerating.

We must build team literacy around these types of technologies. These are the core fluencies that impact our professional lives and define the future of work and the future of commercial success in the world.

We also need to be well-versed in the capabilities and limitations of Artificial Intelligence as we navigate the future of data-driven applications. Most who understand the arts believe that every company needs to understand AI now. And we need to apply it tomorrow, not in three years.


At ORLINK, we have big plans for AI.

Dr. Andrew Ng recently stated, “AI is the new electricity.”

I believe that every culture, every job, every company will be transformed by AI.  Our team is focusing intensively right now on building solutions that will liberate experienced surgical professionals from the drudgery of performing rote tasks that can easily be performed by machines.

We will also deliver visual interfaces that support new staff members giving them information that will help them succeed in their efforts to serve the surgeons they work with and the patients they care deeply about.

Last, we will follow the entire context of surgery all the way from the supply room to the Hospital CEO.


Reduce wasted time and materials

Support all surgical professionals with tools to make their jobs easier

Prove that our solutions with honest and actionable data


We are bound together by the belief that these technologies can change healthcare, transform communication in the OR and influence the world at large.

And that true solutions will come from working closely with all parties.


We promise to listen carefully.

Focus intensively.

And deliver the best product we can build.

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