Surgical Preference Cards

We don’t just build software, we make sure it works the way you want it to

OR Link’s AI-powered cloud-native surgical workflow application is accessible via any PC or iOS tablet, bringing preference cards and safer surgical procedures into the 21st century. Teams achieve more when what they need everyday is right at their fingertips.

Happier Surgeons — Better Outcomes

In a recent Beta Trial, OR Link not only enhanced the satisfaction of both surgeons and clinicians, but it also drove overall uplift in the quality of care and streamlined workflows.

Request the Beta Results

all the right data



API connections are FHIR

$1 million

data breach insurance

OR Link unlocks data performed by
surgical teams. And we help
providers incorporate these new
touch-points in a way that enhances
team intelligence for the operating
room and informs decision-making
for hospital executives.


Technology Features

  • GDPR & HIPAA Compliant
  • Database Backups and Integrity Checks archived for up to 6 years.
  • Security-hardened Ubuntu Servers
  • AWS GuardDuty and AlienVault’s Open Threat Exchange
  • Encrypted data volumes for storing database files and application logs
  • Docker container support, secured and optimized for HIPAA workloads
  • Technology, corporate and Physical Process and Procedures Safeguards
  • Encryption of network traffic between nodes
  • Redundant, 24/7 monitoring of uptime and resource availability

OR Link Unifies the Surgical Ecosystem

Like the human body, a healthcare organization can’t be its
best unless all of its systems are thriving. OR Link is built to
elevate surgical team efficiency, drive clinical improvement
and deliver bottom-line financial benefits.


How can we help you drive better
clinical and financial outcomes?


We help unburden surgeons, clinicians, anesthesiologists and supply teams with
efficient new ways to create and maintain the accuracy of preference cards, applying
real-time intelligence for better decision making across the continuum of surgery.

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