Surgical Preference Cards



“In the last 10 years, over 30% of US hospitals have closed or
reorganized due to financial concerns. OR Link works with hospitals
and surgical centers to solve workflow and communication problems
that optimize the bottom line and help providers thrive.

Operating rooms are the clinical
and financial focal point for most
hospitals and ambulatory


Much like physicians and other
healthcare professionals, CEOs
must properly diagnose the
“illness” before they can apply the
“cure.” In the OR, the “illness” is
often lack of direct access to
surgical preference cards.

Are you ready to reduce surgical waste and improve staff communication by enhancing preoperative efficiency?

Improving Margins

OR Link beta trial results


Direct cost savings per year in
wasted materials — per 10 OR’s


Per year savings in unnecessarily
opened trays — per 10 OR’s

  • Easier to pick cases
  • Quicker to update preference cards
  • Significant reduction in waste
  • Improves staff training & readiness
  • Reduces SPD reprocessing costs
  • Improvement in user satisfaction
  • Standardization and best practices

Making change work

Hospitals in the US are rapidly working to improve
the collection and analysis of data. Unfortunately,
most hospital’s EHRs are not designed to provide
the vast range of data required for implementing
successful surgical care and workflow. OR Link offers
a breakthrough in recording surgical data,
customizing procedures and improving accuracy.

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