The problems with current preference cards

  • Lack of detail for nurses setting up cases.
  • Minimal graphical info.
  • Too much reliance on team memory.
  • Paper cards and pick lists are now portable, editable and accessible.
Key Problems

with current preference


  • 1

    Preference Cards are the oldest workflow management tools in the OR and perhaps the hospital. No editable data fields or photo import

  • 2

    Inaccurate and out-of-date preference cards result in real costs: Hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted supplies and labor jeopardize already thin margins.

  • 3

    Surgeons sometimes operate at multiple facilities or change hospitals. As it stands today. it is impractical to move preference cards from place to place.

  • 4

    Often we find supplies on each preference card that surgeons rarely if ever use. Many surgeons are surprised to find certain supplies were being pulled for their case.

  • 5

    Procedures are dependent on team experience. Existing technology doesn't allow a way to capture their collective wisdom. An important issue with frequent staff turnover

Our solution

The ORLINK team has reimagined today’s static preference cards into mobile cloud-based software service platform that

  • Helps facility cost control
  • Increases staff efficiency
  • Improves patient outcomes

We do this by employing a simple graphic interface designed by surgeons,
nurses and surgical techs.

The product covers pre-surgical, cart, patient positioning, instruments, trays, as well as pick-list and procedure sequence preferences.

Getting started is easy with a wide array of best practice templates.

 And the cards follow surgeons across all subscribing practice privilege sites.


A Better Workflow Management

Platform for Surgery

Advancing workflow, communication, teamwork and training in the surgical environment, one procedure and patient at a time.