Surgical Preference Cards


Patient Safety

Patient safety is the number one priority of health care providers, yet
avoidable mistakes continue to occur. Keeping surgical teams on the
same page before surgery can help avoid mistakes during surgery. This
is dependent on a better surgical blueprint, a better surgical
preference card

The quest for excellence deserves
an ally! OR Link simplifies tasks so
teams can focus on care.

Faster Surgery Preparation

Supply rooms are organized by bin
number, but paper pick lists are often
alphabetical. With the OR Link tablet
interface, the digital pick list can be
viewed by bin location. This increases
accuracy and saves time, keeping
surgical teams away from the supply
room and in the OR.

OR Link preference card
extends beyond the OR;
from staff picking the case
to the post op case report.

stop the bleeding

Human Cost Savings

$144k / year / OR

Staff attrition is a multi-facted problem, costing more than dollars.

8x Savings

Based on ORLINK SAAS model, hospitals could achieve 8x savings
on this category alone.

With an avg salary of $75k/yr —
25% turnover — 200% re-training

cost, OR Directors surveyed
indicate ORLINK could reduce this
problem by to 50%.

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Empower your teams

Our software allows the entire surgical team
to be connected to the creation, editing and
updating process behind the digital
preference card. To change OR results, we
must change our methods. This starts with
team collaboration.

OR Link allows multiple team members to
make edits to the digital preference card.
Increased teamwork means less errors and
improved accuracy

Impact far beyond the OR
  • Operating rooms in the U.S. produce
    more than 2,000 tons of waste per day.
  • The most expensive item wasted,
    according to the study, was
    “surgifoam,” at up to $4,000 ea.
  • These savings could translate into
    teaching and research opportunities.
  • More experienced surgeons were not
    necessarily more frugal.

The Challenge of “Cross Coverage”
for Surgical Teams

Most surgical care includes adhoc teams as a result of breaks, handoffs and
cross-coverage. The problem intensifies after hours, weekends and holidays, often
requiring a call to a fellow staffer at work or home. OR Link centralizes “tribal knowledge”
for OR setups, devices and procedures making it effortlessly accessible 24/7/365.

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