Surgical Preference Cards


SAN FRANCISCO, CA.– SAYJ Global Partners, providing strategic guidance for companies scaling in the global arena, announced that ORLink, a Kentucky based surgical workflow platform for operating room professionals, has attracted $1 million in expansion funding from multiple investors for a unique, smart system to manage the entire surgical context for surgeons.

“ORLink saves hospitals time and money while improving communication and workflows for surgical teams,” said Rick Baker, serial entrepreneur and ORLink’s CTO. “Our team has changed today’s static preference cards used in operating rooms into an AI-enhanced mobile cloud-based software service.” According to CEO, Dr. Jason Harris, “the platform helps control facility costs, increase staff efficiency and ultimately improve patient outcomes.” Dr. Harris cited a recent publication from the Journal of Neurosurgery which details an estimated $1000 of waste per case in a single service line, which annualized to nearly 3 million dollars of lost revenue yearly. “Today,” Dr. Harris added, “with an average of 7 operating rooms per hospital and multiple procedures in each OR per day, the savings from using our licensed platform add up quickly. We are re-capturing not only lost revenue, but also the vital communication originally intended with surgical preference cards.”

ORLink, formed in 2016, was developed by surgeons and OR professionals. The technology will incorporate a variety of AI/sensor-based applications that ultimately will track every piece of equipment that enters and exits surgical theaters. With ORLink, the existing surgical instructions on file for every doctor with hospital privileges are put into the cloud and tracked. In addition to cost savings, there is less danger to patients and reduced liability for insurers.

“It has been a great experience to watch ORLink gain acceptance in the medical markets,” said Judith Iglehart, founding partner of SAYJ Global Partners. “Our firm is excited to be working with ORLink in gaining access to strategic partnerships for the potential licensing of the platform to hospitals not only in North America but also in offshore markets.”

“The concept behind ORLink started when the founder, Dr. Wayne Colin, realized how impractical and difficult it was to move his preference cards from one hospital to another at which he was performing surgery,” said Asli Gozoren, a founding partner at SAYJ. “Once more medical doctors showed the same concerns and started joining Dr. Colin in his quest to redefine this process, it began to be a compelling story for angel investors. This company, resulting in less waste during surgical procedures, will have a profound social impact on medicine.”


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