Surgical Preference Cards


By: Jason Harris, MD, CEO

Published: July 24, 2019

ORLink was recently invited to present at the AHA Innovation Summit Startup Competition.  Although we didn’t win (shoutout to Prescience Health for their predictive staffing solution), there were a number of great takeaways to share.  #SAAS and AI were overwhelmingly ubiquitous.  Each exciting company who participated spoke about their solution and when asked about the model “It’s a SAAS based model” was the consistent answer. Every presentation had a SAAS based business model.  Further, every company was utilizing artificial intelligence for some component of their business.  

This experience was further validation that we at ORLink are committed to being a part of the healthcare market’s best practices and assisting in disruption using novel approaches to antiquated processes.  Isn’t that what AI is supposed to do?  Allow computers to do what computers do best.  We haven’t developed an algorithm to assuage the fear or pain that occurs when a patient emerges from anesthesia….yet.  However, we can relieve the burdens placed on our healthcare teams demanding they be monitor-side rather than bedside in the moments that matter to our patients.  

Let’s take time away from a screen and invest that time holding the hand of the patient. Let’s allow our caring doctors and nurses to give a warm and comforting voice rather than the half-hearted and ham-handed keyboard and mouse jockeying typically required at the end of a case.

At ORLink, we understand that technology shouldn’t be a burden it should be a background, and we are forming the workflows to allow our healthcare professionals to use technology as seamlessly as the digital technology we have in our own kitchens.  Because we care about our teams taking care of their patient’s families.  

We recognize that waste, error, and miscommunication are enormous problems in healthcare, and we are committed to solving these problems through our big SAAS solution.  Does your operating room use last centuries preference cards?  Give us a call.

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