The OR Link surgical preference card platform is interoperable with
every EHR. But interoperability is more than just an API. It’s about
teams and how they work together with software and tools.
Preference cards — and the critical processes they blueprint — are
living, breathing workflows. They change week to week, procedure to
procedure, surgeon to surgeon, moment to moment in live surgery.

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Avoiding error is not an option, it’s our collective responsibility.

Better Communication

Errors from outdated preference cards
lead to poor communication and a
higher risk of mistakes in the OR. The
SOLUTION is shared ownership of the
surgical preference card; collaboration
between hospital admin and the
teams doing the work.

curing the OR

OR Link beta trial results


Direct cost savings per year in
wasted materials — per 10 OR’s


Per year savings in unnecessarily
opened trays — per 10 OR’s

  • Easier to pick cases
  • Quicker to update preference cards
  • Significant reduction in waste
  • Improves staff training & readiness
  • Reduces SPD reprocessing costs
  • Improvement in user satisfaction
  • Standardization and best practices
Dr. Jason Harris

Former Chief of General Surgery, KY-One St. Joseph’s Hospital
Lexington, KY and co-founder OR Link

It’s all about experience

With over 200 years of combined hospital experience on the OR Link team, the solution was created by surgical teams for surgical teams. Our software focuses on outcomes, not ownership; customization, not generalization; inclusion, not barriers.

Meet our team
Jaqueline WIlmont, RN

CEO - Co-Founder, XLerate Health,
Louisville, KY

“Current preference cards cost hospitals time, wasted supplies and potentially compromise patient safety. OR Link’s team is extraordinarily well qualified to tackle this expensive problem.”

Douglas G. Knerr, PhD

Provost, Vice Chancellor of Academic
Affairs, University of Michigan

“I was extremely impressed with OR Link and believe its holds great benefit for the education or our health sciences students and particularly for students in our new School of Nursing.”

Emory Wilson, MD

Reproductive endocrinology & infertility specialist
43 years experience

“As an obstetrician – gynecologist, I am certainly aware of the need for this product in the operating room and, as a former medical school dean, I can appreciate how the participating hospitals can benefit from the data it provides.”

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