The problem of preference cards

Surgical preference cards are the “blueprint” present behind every surgical procedure performed across the world.  Historically they existed as literal notecards communicating the needs of surgeons as they
navigated an operation.  Unfortunately, modernization of electronic health records has led to co-opting of these cards by administration and material management and the communication of these cards
to the team is profoundly deficient.

Surgical Team Focus

Concentration is disrupted when missing supplies, tools and support items needed for the procedure.

Increased Cost

Excessive Expenses due to
required disposal of unused supplies and time lost both mean wasted dollars.

When an Item is Missing

Key staff members have to leave the supply room. In some cases staffers report that they are out of the OR more than they are in.

Adverse Patient Outcomes

Studies show hospital-acquired surgical site infections increase when people enter and exit the OR.

Time = Money & Safety

Pressure ulcers (DTPI) and increased time under anesthesia are two factors that increased risk.

Current Cards are Not Editable

One of the main reasons ORLINK exists is to give surgeons control of edits, changes and ownership.

The ORLINK Solution

After over 200 customer discoveries, we have created a re-imagined preference card which integrates with electronic health records, incorporates the importance of communication for a safe and timely operation, and keeps the needs of the surgical team as paramount. Updated and accurate preference cards improve safety, reduce waste, and decrease operating room time and frustration.

Your private optimization assistant

ORLINK can be customized to look after the well-being of all your personal preferences and team members. Stay up to date on how the system is performing, and track changes through easy Team / Hospital communication tools.

Smart cloud

  • Manage all team members, specialties and prefer ences, with just one login.
  • Select supplies, tools, carts, trays and more
  • Drag & drop positioning of all assets in the OR
  • Connect to your hospital’s EHR — (Integrated version)

Smart Devices

  • Works on iOS tablets and desktops
  • Stores your detailed preference information
  • Allows you to select and edit pre-existing procedure templates
  • Works online and offline


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