Surgery is one of the leading revenue centers of most hospitals. The only way to increase surgical revenue is by more cases or by reducing cost of cases. In a production environment, great accuracy yields precision. Precision leads to financial reward. Existing preference card technology is inherently inaccurate lacking most of the data fields needed by surgical teams. Improve the bottom line of your hospital surgical cost center by using a cloud based multi-platform PC system, called OR Link.



Preference cards are the “surgical blueprint “ for assembly of assets needed to perform surgery yet antiquated PC technologies are the norm. As part of larger digital systems or on hard copy, current preference card technology is not available to ALL surgical team members 24/7. They are now mobile, easily altered, current or easily able to generate derived data from surgeon specific individual cases, nor be able to compare that data to other surgeon peers, specialties, other hospitals or regions in an easy manner.


A large percentage of PC are inaccurate calling for many unneeded surgical supplies. Surgical supplies that are repeatedly opened but not used have a large annualized needless cost for hospitals. A more accurate digital PC through the OR Link platform that gets better and better with each use, can reduce surgical waste/cost. OR Link re-imagines the PC to reduce surgical overage; thereby helping the hospital’s bottom line.


Surgical supplies, devices and tools that are absent from a surgical case, exactly when needed, results in intra-operative delays and surgeon frustration. Time has its own expense- hospitals pay for inefficiency by higher overhead costs, less through-put of cases, longer recuperations and possible adverse events like surgical site infections.


Poor communication is recognized as a leading cause of adverse events in healthcare. Ideal communication can be achieved through a modern digital preference card so as to protect against certain intra-operative events by education about risk and risk management. OR Link is an exceptionally accurate communication platform limited only by the imagination of the surgical teams performing patient care.


Disruptions to the natural progression through a surgical case can be greatly frustrated by repeated interruptions that take surgeons off of their surgical task. Preference card inaccuracy can cause disruption to surgical flow by lacking needed tools supplies & devices. Surgical teams that feel exasperated do not perform as well and could lead to an adverse event.


Team mismatch is common in the OR- where a specialty nurse is assigned into a general room or vice versa. As surgical equipment & cases have become more complex, it is impossible for nursing/tech staff to be proficient or excellent in unfamiliar cases of all specialties. Provide visual information of the exact needs of each surgeon’s preferences with the OR Link platform.


A Better Workflow Management

Platform for Surgery

Advancing workflow, communication, teamwork and training in the surgical environment, one procedure and patient at a time.