What We Do

We build surgical apps with web services and run a secure cloud platform to help tie everything together.
We hack on everything from iOT sensors to AI to data analytics. We work with world class partners to on-board hospitals and surgical teams. Our daily focus is fanatical support for our beta sites and continually improving the platform.


Our headquarters is in Lexington, KY with team members across the US

Make aDifference

We are a fast-growing startup. We take pride in how we develop solutions through our use of advanced technologies. Everyone on the team plays a pivotal role, has a chance to wear multiple hats, and can make a big difference in the company.

Building Our Team

We are always looking for great people to help us grow the business. If you are passionate about healthcare, improving surgical workflow, business development, advanced cloud-based applications or any related tech don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

ORLINK’s surgical workflow platform is everything you need to reduce costs, save valuable minutes in
the OR and improve patient outcomes. And its backed by a support team that helps
you impact your bottom line.

  • Integrate surgical preference cards with your current EHR​
  • Stay in synch with surgeon preferences for each procedure
  • Minimize waste by managing usage of tools, trays and supplies
  • Communicate with surgical teams to always keep PC cards up to date
  • Confidently report your impact on the bottom line

... all in one place.

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A Better Workflow Management

Platform for Surgery

Advancing workflow, communication, teamwork and training in the surgical environment, one procedure and patient at a time.